Baby Steps

I am always wondering why our surroundings aren’t more interactive. This video made me smile, and is definitely something I would like to encounter in my daily life.

This is obviously a project which would cost a lot of money to implement, but I feel the message it reminds me of is that our environment is ours to use and it can be whatever we want it to be. It doesn’t have to be dull to the max! That shit’s for lamewads, yo. We need to start leaving little trails of human in our concrete jungles. Perhaps spread some love whilst doing something creative and expressive.

In ‘Inspiyear’, a project I did for college last year – I was encouraging interactivity with our environment through type… the kind of thing that can make many peoples day by doing one simple act. Hope, in my opinion, can be restored in a heartbeat.

Below is one example from the project where I was encouraging people to do an ‘Amélie” style stunt, where they would leave passport style photographs around the place to add a bit of creative fun to the day of some randomer!

Make Lovely  Through Type

Another idea I had was to tape one line lyrics to surfaces; the purpose here being that the lyrics would seem abstract to anyone who didn’t know the song – fun to those who did – and for those who don’t care about music – that they could appreciate lyrics in a poetic way and wonder why and how the hell the whole scenario happened to be. Regardless, it gets people wondering – which is never a bad thing.

Lyrics in Places

Rocket, Salad. Stay tuned.


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