Bonjour, MakeLovelytons!

I have this burning passion (Lol) for French film. It seems to be the only genre of film that really appeals to me, and the only film that I feel I can take something valuable from to enrich my life with. I.e / not feel i’ve wasted some time or baught in to some marketing venture that is trying to rape me and has product placements all over the shop. You know. On this note, I recently re-discovered the joy of the movie ‘Paris, Je T’aime’. And yes, Paris, Je’Taime.

In brief, it is a collection of short films by a number of directors and with a range of actors all about love. Each of the short films has a great message and each delivered in the most beautiful and creative way.
This one in particular just makes my heart melt! The tiny kid, his huge bag. Perfect. I hope you enjoy and would love to hear any feedback, or recommendations for French movies.

In the beautiful words of Bob Marley, my favourite musician in the whole world …. ‘You better Lively Up Yourself, and don’t be no drag.’, Play us out Bob….play us out!



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