Residents of Wellington City, New Zealand joined forces with the folks behind OutdoorKnit and beautified this fence on a corner in their community where development has come to somewhat of a standstill. A group gathered on a Sunday afternoon to weave colourful hearts into the spaces on the chain link fence. The effect from a distance looks as though all the hearts are simply floating in air. I love this kind of craftivism, and seeing folks of all ages participate makes it even more wonderful!

So do I original poster, so do I! Though, I would place the word ‘wonderful’ with Lovely 😉 But I think we all know that by now. I love this idea so much and it is super relevant to the past few weeks of my life… For some trickle down MakeLovely effect I am going to enlist the help of the lovely Jen and see if she will help me do something special in college. There’s a basket ball sports area outside the front where this would be perfect 🙂 For me, it will be in memory of a certain lovely someone. I would love many people to see this to remember the importance of being creative, as well as spreading the love and improving their surroundings. If it is not allowed, or taken down – it will be a laughable o’fence (wha!) because this is harming no one and the fence is already there. Watch this space! Hopefully this will be happening on Tuesday, I might ask permission and go at it full throttle so it may actually happen later in the week than that.

Go Forth!
Go Forth!

The original post can be found here, over on a great website called Craftzine! A link to craftzines homepage can also be found over there! *Pointing* Top right of this window if you want to check it out at a different time.

Anywho! Go forth …BakeLovely?


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