Tiny Door, Big Smiles

Anyone who talks to me regularly will be fully aware of how often I mention the website etsy.com. It is simply, well…..fabulous. They may very well also know about my love for miniature things and how scale play tickles my fancy…

Looking through the etsy website gives me a great sense of hope, as most, if not all of the stuff on it is handmade. There are literally *thousands* of sellers, and it is doing wonders to reignite arts and crafts as a viable tool for making a living. I will do a long post dedicated especially to my darling Etsy very soon; but in the mean time I just wanted to share something I found there a couple of months ago that is pure lovely, and available for sale if you are that way inclined.

Small Scale Doors placed on trees, turning them into Faerie houses 3
Small Scale Doors placed on trees, turning them into Faerie houses ❤
Wee Folk Are Homeless no more!
Wee Folk Are Homeless no more!

I think these would be great even on the skirting board in your house, what a lovely idea, and one that is sure to bring smiles.

If you want to see more of these gorgeous little doors, go forth and see lovely over on etsy. If you have some time, you should also have a look at some of the other miniatures on the website and get that brain ticking over for some unusual and creative uses or placements for them that will make people smile!

I am just after finding this page too, which I thought was…..for fear of overusing the word lovely I will say, charming! It is a small scale miniature enchanted garden, made in a regular garden planter pot! I *love* the tiny washing line with miniature clothes!!! It is like the felt version of an idea used in the Little People photography project also, shown below.

Enchanted Garden
Enchanted Garden
An image from Slinkachus Little People street Art project.
An image from Slinkachu's "Little People" street Art project.

If you haven’t seen the Little People tiny street art project yet, you should absolutely check it out. There are a load of photos over on the blog and they are totally smile worthy. Perhaps those little dudes could even do with some houses laying about on our streets for cute factor smile making in our days? A tiny little man waiting for a bus! A tiny supermarket and tiny carpark!

Insufficient Funs
Insufficient Funs

Exciting things start to happen when you mix ideas and sources…
Now Go on, outta here! You know what you’ve to do!


2 thoughts on “Tiny Door, Big Smiles

  1. Thanks for the link. I’m glad you like our little garden. It is thriving happily in our living room and every visitor that comes to our home is captivated by it.
    And thanks for introducing me to Little People. The book is now on my Christmas list!

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