Natural Symmetry

My first post is dedicated to the lovely Andy Gilmore. Andy Gilmore is a graphic artist who is based in New York. I found his work one day by accident when I was on a website that is specifically for exploring the relationship between colours. I will have to root out this link and add it to my resources links section (la de dah!) because the site is really unusual and I imagine could be quite inspiring forward slash useful!

Words cannot describe how pleased I was to find his work. I found it visually refreshing, and evocative of so many things I hold interest in. The colours pallets genuinely makes my heart sing. Darkness and Lightness. This is definitely one of my favorite styles of design work and my mind trails off to beautiful places when I am looking at it. I am imagining fabrics and a whole array of beautiful by-products stemming from these patterns and colour combinations… Andy Gilmore’s work is a boarding ticket to a graphic land of the detailed intricacy of the very stuff we’re made of. I am reminded of Galaxies, Nebulas, Hexagonal structures, Sacred Geometry, Natural Symmetry and so much more;

Andy Gilmore Artwork

Andy Gilmores Portfolio Website is situated here or you can alternatively go to a direct link for his work and visit the Archive and Blog which is situated over on

Andy Gilmore Artwork

Thanks for stopping by! Now Go forth and Make Lovely!


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