1 Minute Please

I was browsing Gumtree.ie just now and found this interesting post;

Hi Everyone,
I Have started a project entitled ‘1 minute picture’ where we will get as many people as we can around the world to take a picture at 3:00pm (GMT) on Saturday October 31st 2009.

With nearly everyone having a camera phone/digital camera we would like to see how many images we can get to use in two different ways,

1. A collage of ‘1 minute in time’ (around the globe)
2. A video ‘1 minute in time’ (around the globe)

This picture can be of anything you like (the beach, the road, the sky, a friend, a halloween costume, your cat, your sofa, etc), wherever you are between 3:00 & 3:01pm GMT (except, no copyrighted material)

We ask that images not be above 3mb & prefer jpg format, but any format will do.

All images will be considered ‘public domain’ unless stated & please leave your name and a description so you can be credited.

We look forward to seeing your ‘1 minute in time’ and hope you are looking forward to seeing what everyone else was doing in that same minute. Send your pictures to the email addresses below.


Also remember to tell your friends, family & even the old lady down the road who has a camera phone

1minuteinpicture@gmail.com or oneminutepicture@gmail.com or you can upload your picture to http://pix.ie/group/oneminutepicture

Become a fan on Facebook

I am going to take part, and am scheduling a text on http://www.o2.ie to be sent half an hour and 15 minutes before hand!
Looking forward to seeing the results of this one!


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