Ooh Hello, Do Come In.

So I have decided to jump on board the Blogging bandwagon.
The creation of this blog has stemmed from the disgusting amount of links, image and video I feel the need to share with people, combined with my never ending search for fresh, innovative, aesthetically pleasing problem solving design. I have a particular interest in productivity that breeds a sense of lovely, and brings out the natural creativity in all of us. I feel that this level of social lovely is the stuff dreams are made of, and if something we do can inspire further lovely that this in turn will inspire even further lovely. Anything is possible and I feel sometimes that people have forgotten this. SO! This is my place to remind myself on a regular basis, and hopefully a few other people in the process.

I feel that now, more than ever the responsibility is on each of us to engage with our surroundings and reclaim it. If form follows function I am worried what our surroundings say about the inner workings of us as people, as everywhere I look I see cookie cut cultures and a lack of forward thinking. I feel there is a fun, interactive, social, community level of engagement missing from modern day life and that MakeLovely and the ideas and ethics I strongly believe in would be of benefit for mankind. I am happy to think I can document some of these discoveries here, and that in doing so the cumulation of ideas will amount to something greater than the sum of their individual weights. Hopefully they will be of interest to more people than myself! We will see.

Oh, just on a side note this blog will also hopefully serve as a way to get me more organized and stop missing out on the interesting talks and events happening in and around Dublin, Ireland. I don’t know what it is but I always seem to hear about these things of interest one day too late! It will also hopefully serve as an informative links station for anyone who shares my taste or lack thereof.
So, here goes! Fingers Crossed!
Let us Make Lovely!


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